Benefits of a cold water bath:

1.Cold water baths give you a jump start in the morning. They tend to stimulate your nerve endings and help getting rid of your grogginess.

2. They help you treat depression. Cold water baths have shown to increase the release of depression-beating chemicals like nor-adrenaline and beta-endorphins making you feel refreshed.

3.They help improve reproductive health in men. Studies have shown that cold water baths stimulate the release of testosterone, which helps in increasing your libido.

4.Cold water baths have been shown to stimulate the lymphatic and immune system. This helps in boosting the production of infection fighting cells thereby increasing your immunity.

5.Your lung function improves tremendously with cold water baths. You tend to hold and release your breath slowly with each dip in the pool, thereby improving your lung function.

The temperature of our cold pool is computer regulated to 15-18 degrees Celsius